The Heaven Hypothesis, by Anthony John Rankine

Anthony John Rankine resides in Hickory, North Carolina. The Heaven Hypothesis: Science or Not? is an opening chapter in an extensive non-fiction book, aimed at addressing the central issue raised by Michael Scheuer in Imperial Hubris: Why the West is Losing the War on Terror. The full manuscript was written long hand while in Australia, and is currently in the editing stage prior to US publication through the Amazon-Kindle program.

The Heaven Hypothesis : Science or Not?
“Imagination is more important than Intelligence.” (Albert Einstein)

Would you be surprised to know that the mainstream science of cosmology has gone “religious” in order to salvage the goldfish-bowl model of gravitation proposed by Sir Isaac Newton?

From the galactic center to its outermost band, the velocity at which stars rotate around the center of the Milky Way galaxy is more or less uniform. All other observed galaxies in our cluster share this mystery. This observable fact upends Newton’s law of gravitation, which expects the outer bands of stars to drift off into space while the inner stellar bands should collapse into the galactic center. In spite of Newtonian gravitational dynamics, our galaxy is a stable aggregation of stars and retains a spiral-arm structure that remains largely invariant with time.

To rescue the Newtonian theory of gravity, the Pope has conjectured that not all matter in the universe is observable. Observable matter consists of baryons (the baryonic universe) and non-observable matter, which the Holy Father has capriciously designated as “dark matter.”

Scientists have condemned this edict from the Holy Father as nothing more than priestly hocus-pocus, and lambaste clerics every Sunday with the taunt that they might as well refer to “dark matter” as “God matter” because it shares that very divine quality of something the human race must believe, lest galaxies across the universe rotate themselves into whispy oblivion.

A scientific fact consists of three elements: (a) it’s observable, (b) it’s measurable and (c) it’s repeatable.

I agree with the scientists. If you call it “dark matter” you might as well call it “God matter.” At least the latter has the consistency of being (a) a conjectured supernatural substance, (b) unobservable and (c) not susceptible to measurement. “God-matter” is something you have to believe in otherwise the universe would be all hay-wire.

Thus saith cosmologists.

The one thing we do observe about “God-matter” is scientific repeatability because telescopes are locating stellar system after stellar system where the center of baryonic mass is not the same as the center of gravity. Of course, I ask: Why the hell should it be? But, that’s not germane to this chapter.

“The Heaven Hypothesis” is a simple, straight up postulate of science.

Heaven exists.

Heaven is an athermal realm (one of pure energy) which is populated by solitons (including scale invariant unparticles) that adhere to Bose-Einstein statistical mechanics. For the benefit of the reader, solitons can be visualized as “energy atoms,” and as such form a collective self-organizing system, we call “Heaven.” Over unknowable years in a life-will-find-a-way maturation process, this athermal system agglomerated into an intelligent entity that unified the system and is capable of giving it living purpose. This entity, we call “God.”

The Milky Way and Sagittarius galaxies are God’s playgrounds.

The classic conjecture of panspermia holds that meteorites seeded Earth with primitive organic molecules, and so started the process of “creating” living organisms. Not so, it was God in Heaven. I refer to this panspermic entity as God because “God the Creator of Life” through the gestation of organic molecular structures and the process of symbiogenesis has accelerated what would otherwise be a random evolutionary process for a species like “Homo Sapiens.” This was done to effectuate “The Great Design of Heaven.”

What other species on Earth, molded by the random process of Darwinian natural selection, pontificates about how “dark matter” will save Newton’s law of gravitation from the scrap-heap of science?

Good News for Modern Man. We are at a formative stage in the exploration of “inner space,” enabled by the science of cryonic physics. As of today, the only part of “The Heaven Hypothesis” we can observe, measure and repeat is the creation of microscopic Bose-Einstein Condensate (BEC) systems. But this is a huge step, akin to the man-made creation of microscopic “black holes” and “Higgs bosons” via the CERN Large Hadron Collider.

The realm of the athermal is not readily susceptible to human visualization because our perceptions exist in the realm of the thermal. Things like dark matter and black holes are relatively easy to imagine, model and discuss. What makes BEC experiments ground breaking is that the crazy-talk realm of the athermal described in scripture (a recollection of visitations) using ancient, anthropomorphic language and metaphors is now beginning to find substantiation in observable-measurable-repeatable science.

“Black holes” exist as a conjecture of science.

“Higgs bosons” exist as a conjecture of science.

“Dark matter” exists as a conjecture of science.

Simply stated: Why should not one or many realms of BEC-like athermicity exist in nature, where self-organization is a natural process and where systemic maturation is able to form an intelligent being of immortal life, at least relative to the decay in thermodynamic systems as occurs in our observable baryonic universe?

Guess what? Here on Earth, self-organization and maturation is exactly what we observe. From supernova dust and chaos, we have a solar system, an Earth, and in that habitat we have a self-organized system based on the chemistry of matter which over billions of years evolved into carbon based organisms, including only one organism sufficiently intelligent to make the aforementioned conjectures even though there is no natural selection or Darwinian process that would warrant it.

Or to put it another way, why don’t other Earth-bound species have ears the way Man has ears? If Man can hear the proverbial philosopher’s tree falling in the forest, why not other species? As a species solely endowed, if only Man can hear the tree falling: Does the tree actually fall?

Put aside trite philosophical prognostication and consider Man’s unique capacity to reason.

Billions of years in the making, I now ask: Why should we be alone?

And why should other beings, far more ancient than us, not be incorporated within us?

When I speak about “incorporated within us,” I am talking about a nexus – a mode of symbiogenic oneness linking an athermal soul and thermal avatar(s). When we “think,” is it purely our brains doing the “thinking?” All over this planet, creatures exist. Not all hominid life is the avatar of an athermal being. In fact, you should consider everything animal and governed by purely opportunistic (Darwinian) behaviors, until proven otherwise. And as any adult knows, there is no such thing as “soul-goggles” that enable you to see which animals light up as soul-avatar symbiotes, and which animals are no more than creatures, human or otherwise.

And, is planet Earth the only baryonic-based realm with a “Heaven Hypothesis?”

Then again, does it really matter?

Let’s talk about the problem of “our Heaven.” Subsumed within “The Heaven Hypothesis” there remain three essential issues of transubstantiation: (a) How does an athermic creature engineer the evolutionary process of a promising species, into one which transcends the environment in which it would otherwise evolve at random? (b) What is the nature of the nexus between athermic and the thermic realms? and (c) How is prophesy of the future possible as a phenomenon of science?

Technically, prophesy can never be a phenomenon of science. Prophesy is not susceptible to the test of repeatability, but rather is like a UFO which lands in a field of corn. If three or more persons turned up at the designated time and watched the event independent of each other then it could be said to be scientifically established. Let’s face it “prophesy” sounds like so much religious hocus-pocus.

General Relativity to the rescue. Einstein-Rosen Bridges (wormholes in space-time) establish the scientific basis for what is called “Biblical prophesy.” In the realm of the thermal, Einstein-Rosen bridges are dubious. But not necessarily in the realm of the athermal. Across an Einstein-Rosen bridge no net energy or mass may pass. However, that does not mean that an emitter field (in the future space-time) may not give rise to resonance in a collector field (in past space-time). I propose a simple layman example: a magnet in one N-S orientation on the “future” side of what is an Einstein-Rosen no-pass surface. As that future-emitter magnet flips up or down, a corresponding magnet on the other side (the past) can track the field inversions. To the extent that any net energy is transferred from one side, an equal amount of net energy can be beamed back to the other side.

Furthermore, such bridges also provide a mechanism for a “Creator” in an athermal realm to interact with the thermal realm. Take note that there is a huge investment of energy to do so. Instead of zeolitic surface structures as the substrates upon which early complex carbon chains were built, it is completely consistent for a biologist to conceive that molecular engineering could have taken place from the realm of the athermic by the generation of comparable electro-magnet co-ordination bonding fields.

Let’s call them “glove fields” comparable to enzyme activation sites. Clasped within such “electro-magnetic gloves,” atoms could have found themselves trapped and sequenced to form units of organic molecules. Creation is the purposeful process that drives a stochastic system from one of disorder into one of order. IBM scientists demonstrated this principle using the probes in a scanning electron-microscope to create an “IBM” logo one atom wide. Today, we humans have a field of research called “nanotechnology.” This is panspermia, but one that is directed by a plausible systemic process, rather than one connected to a hypothetical meteorite that once contained auto-replicating organic molecules.

Heaven is about inner space with inner details, and not just about hulking outer space come crashing down to Earth on a mish-mash basis. “Younger Dryas event” comets are known to obliterate whole species, not create them from scratch, auto-replicating molecule by auto-replicating molecule.

Einstein-Rosen bridges also address the perplexing issue of the nature of the soul-avatar nexus. Putting aside the issue of prophesy as being “pre-scripted,” Einstein-Rosen prophesy is about communication from future time to past time. But an Einstein-Rosen bridge also acts in the space domain (point to point wormholes). Again, no net energy need be transferred. The nature of the transfer is a communication from the messenger, an entity-in-light (“angelos” in Ancient Greek), residing within the athermic realm to the entity-in-matter residing in the thermic realm. The movie Avatar presents a good anthropomorphic vision of the concept I am describing.

It is clear a dangling question remains: Why can’t humans live in a state of nature like any other animal on this planet? What is the purpose of all this engineering by a proposed supernatural being?

The short answer: “A desire to be born into an athermic realm, one of genuine eternal life.”

But that response is far too pat. Keep in mind, that 11,711 years prior to 2008, the last Ice Age with its sheets of ice over 1 kilometer thick, ended in an earth-shattering thaw. This abrupt change was triggered and fueled by a “Galactic Superwave,” a burst of high-intensity gamma radiation that caused the Sun to throw off massive coronal flares. I refer you to Earth under Fire by Paul LaViolette for the details.

No Hollywood super-asteroid was involved. Our solar system, which is actually part of the Sagittarius galaxy – a dwarf system, is being swallowed up by the monster Milky Way galaxy. We live on a planet that is currently in the middle of this whale of a galaxy’s vast accretion disk and vulnerable to withering radiation storms emanating from the star-devouring super-massive black hole at its center. The reputed end of the Mayan epoch on December 22, 2012, has the Earth and the other planets aligned with the black hole at the center of the Milky Way.

Cast aside Hollywood flim-flam for demonstrable reality.

Any sudden burst of incoming gamma radiation has and will continue to cause vast extinctions across the planet. On December 14, 1997, scientists detected a 2-second gamma burst from a galaxy billions of light years away that if it had originated from our galactic center, would have delivered 100,000 times the lethal dose to all life on our planet. GRB 971214 was so powerful that for 2 seconds it matched the luminosity of the entire Universe. On August 27, 1998, a five-minute gamma burst emanating from the constellation Aquila (20,000 light years away), ionized the upper atmosphere and disrupted satellites and spacecraft. At the abrupt end of the last Ice Age, humanity was winnowed down to around two thousand genome specimens. In the galactic environment “survival of the fittest” sweepstakes, the human organism is as expendable as Jews on Planet Auschwitz because catastrophe is what-it-is. As far as Heaven is concerned, humanity can be rebuilt or a new species ennobled to the task. “The Great Design of Heaven” is a matter of efficiency and purpose. The primate-centric concept of the alpha-male and the rest of that self-absorbed nonsense is a dissipation from a truly optimum life at best and the sure promise of a plague of two-legged-animal depravity at worst. Nazism shows us that.

We thermal creatures, we, whom we call humans, are animals. And many will be nothing more extensive than that once the organic format of their existence, we refer to as “life,” winks out.

But, symbiotes are different. Symbiotes are the Eden seeds in the great design of Heaven.

The question remains: “What is the purpose of all this engineering by a proposed supernatural being?”

By the conclusion of this book, you should be well able to apprehend the answer for yourself. I will hold off with my own knowledge of things until the last chapter because you need a much clearer vision of what this planet with its potential for noble and humble-hearted human existence is all about.

Don’t feel strange. You should be skeptical given the church versus science mentality. A supernatural engineer anticipated our age-of-science skepticism. The solution was simple. Only in the era of the digital computer could the Bible Code enigma be uncovered by forensic science. It’s God’s thumbprint. It’s Heaven’s clarion call to chuck the church-based hocus pocus and get real with your live. I refer you to The Bible Code by Michael Drosnin for the implications and details. Thumbprint – case closed.

My book is dark in its no-nonsense, scientific purpose. And, so it must be.

Let me conclude: Many of us do not live by bread alone. Only animals do.

And, you are smart enough to know who you really are.

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