About 234

234 is an online journal of non-fiction writing that deserves to be read.

We are interested in non-fiction writing of all kinds: reflexive, informative, argumentative, political, personal, literary, historical.  The only requirements are that the essay is interesting, well-written, and not more than 2500 words (although we might occasionally ignore our own limits if it’s very, very good).  We will post the essays we accept on a rolling basis so there will be little wait between acceptance and publication and no waiting for the next “issue.”  To facilitate further conversation about the work in 234, we will invite readers to leave their comments with the understanding that all comments will be screened by the editors to insure appropriateness.

Submission guidelines:  Submit one non-fiction piece of up to 2500 words at a time.  To help us avoid issues with viruses and malware, please paste your submissions into the body of your email.  Include a brief bio with the submission.  Accuracy of information and proper acknowledgment of sources are the responsibility of the writer.  Please acknowledge your sources with a simple note marked at the end of the information by a parenthetical numeral.  The editors reserve the right to make minor corrections.  More substantial edits will be discussed with the writer before publication.  Please wait a minimum of 4 months between submissions.  Email all submissions to Scott Owens at asowens1@yahoo.com.

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